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Thierry Weber aka James (As Know As) has been working with new media for several years, specialising in podcasting. Having been active in the “podosphere” since 2005, my services encompass communicating through images on the web and beyond.

A few thoughts on podcasting: a combination between the iPod (the famous portable MP3 player developed by Apple) and Broadcasting, podcasting is a simple way to disseminate audio, video or textual content to your current or future clients.

By subscribing to a certain podcast you can receive quantities of information on a regular basis automatically.

With extensive experience in traditional video and audiovisuals (over ten years), it was easy to converge moving images with the internet. Implementing this technology on the web was an obvious next step for me.
The term Web 2.0, which describes the a more interactive usage of the internet or an internet with user generated content. Blogs, podcasting and wikis among others are all tools which you could explore for your professional activities. Don’t hesitate to ask yourself: “how could my company benefit from these tools”?.

If you want to know more about how you can improve your internet presence using these tools, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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